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5 Beauty Secrets You Ought to Know

By :Isabelle G 0 comments
5 Beauty Secrets You Ought to Know

The problem with us Americans is that we tend to value work over play. But now the year has come to the end. It’s time now to rock-n-roll and enjoys your success big-or-small because it’s a season of fun, joy and celebration.

It’s a time of the year packed with busy social calendar full of reasons to get dressed up and rock glamorous make-up.

Here is a list of 5 must have tips and tricks that will leave you looking great every day throughout this festive season.

Perfect complexion

You surely want to look flawless during this busy social time. Applying foundation the right way will help you stay presentable for hours together. The secret is in the layering. Start with a primer pre-foundation and then gradually work concealer under your eyes. Give a finish with sheer powder to set. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from inside.

Keep acne away

Red is the color of the festive season. But if you have acne, you may want to avoid this color. You may not be able to avoid long list of sugary foods that festive season brings but you can surely do something about acne. Give your skin a deep pour cleansing with Indian healing clay. It makes for a great facial mask that helps shrink pores, tone and tighten skin, giving your skin young tender look.

Touch of sparkle

Christmas holiday season means, it’s time to sparkle things up. Get out your shimmer and add a bit to your lids. Make sure they are at the right place, which is along your crease. Slightly wet the brush before you add powder shimmer shadow. This will help lock things in place. If something goes lightly haywire, you can use a small piece of tape to pick up any random bits.

Get a manicure

If you are running on a tight back-to-back party schedule or travelling across the country to be with your relatives during the festive season, you may not always have time to visit a salon and top up your manicure. So it’s a best idea to gel nails as they will last from Christmas to New Year’s Eve.

Vitamin C Serum

Too much of party and busy schedule can take a toll on your skin. Vitamin C Serum will protect your skin from free radicals, reduce skin discoloration, support production of collagen and brighten up your skin. Collagen makes your skin elastic and thereby makes you look many years younger!

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